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Origin & missions

In the summer of 1995, The founder Heng-Chia Chang came to Sucin Village in Taiwan. He found the Formosan Golden Bats (Myotis formosus flavus) in the trees. They look like small pigs hid behind the leaves. The beginning of the research of the Formosan Golden Bat was starting from this discovery. He found that the population of the bats was decreasing. So, he had held the conservation activities called “Reserving Happiness of Bats” by the Taiwan Sustainable Union. Its goal is to protect the Formosan Golden Bats. From 2008, he started to cooperate with the local communities, schools, township offices, and county governments, and tried to combined resources from all trades and professions for propagating the conservation. Finally, the Formosan Golden Bat’s Home was rebuilt from the Sucin clinic successfully on Dec. 25th, 2009.

Formosan Golden Bat's Home is the first museum for protecting bats in Taiwan. Now, about 15 to 20 thousand visitors come here every year. It is one of the famous ecology sights in Taiwan, and also one of the famous natural recreation region of bats conservation in Asia. We expect the bats conservation to keep going by education, research, lobbying, and habitat protection in the future.

The gate of the Formosan Golden Bat's Home

Big bat house in the Formosan Golden Bat's Home

Wooden bat house craft activty

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