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Bat ecotourism

Enjoy a bat-friendly trip

Formosan Golden Bat's Home is an environmental education center. To ensure the carrying capacity of the bat's habitat and support the "maximum" number of tourists without disturbing bats, there is a restriction for the number of people in the tourist group, tourist frequency, and duration of time.  Since most bats are nocturnal, they forage for food at night and need to sleep during the daytime. To lower the disturbance of human activities, please follow the rule below when bat watching.

  • Please keep your voices low while watching bats since noises can disturb the bats and cause them to alter their emergence behavior.
  • Do not bother the bats or throw any objects at bats.
  • Keep your distance from the bats to reduce disturbance and prevent collisions.
  • Do not flash at the bats, including cellphone lights or the flash on your camera.


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