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Our team

Curator: Heng-Ching Chang(Thrash)

Batman Heng-Chia Chang, was born in Taiwan.  Now, he is the curator of the Formosan Golden Bat's Home.  He has done the ecological conservation over twenty years.  Chang has released lots of books about bats, dolphins, birds, frogs and butterflies. In addition to bat conservation, he also led staffs to work hard for environmental protection. 



Secretary of FGBH: Fei-Fei Lin 
Artist: Nanncy Yen
Secretary of Foundation: Katherine Wang
Manager: Cindy Hsu
Scientific Advisor: Chun-Chia Huang
Scientific Advisor: Ying-Yi Ho
Vet volunteer: Rosanna Lin
Vet volunteer: Tina Chen
Guide: Doggy Wang
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