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Batting in Taiwan

Worldwide, bats are approximately 1,400 species of bat. Taiwan and its outlying islands are home to nearly 40, has around the same number of bat species as Japan and also has a higher density of bat species than Europe and North America. If you are looking a place that rich of the bat speices, you won't want to miss Taiwan.
We have compiled a list of 6 very distinctive bat attractions in Taiwan and the suggested attractions. We also offer a 2-day sexclusive bat tour, if you are interested, please contact us directly, welcome to explore this beautiful island! 

Formosan Golden Bat's Home (黃金蝙蝠生態館) Dongshi Natural Ecological Exhibition Center (東石自然生態展示館) Moon Cave (月洞) Xuejian Recreation Area (雪見森林遊憩區) Bat Cave Park (蝙蝠洞公園) Hiking Farm (遠足生態農場)



1. Formosan Golden Bat's Home (黃金蝙蝠生態館)

Location: Yunlin Country, central Taiwan

Bat species: Formosan Golden Bat (Myotis formosus flavus), Japanese Pipistrelle (Pipistrelle abramus), Asiatic Lesser Yellow Bat (Scotophilus kuhlii)Horikawa's Brown Bat (Eptesicus pachyomus horikawai)

Nearby Viewpoint: Beigang Chao-Tien Temple

Reference: Bats in Taiwanese art - Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

Best season: All year round. Best in May to September.


Formosan golden bat is the most beautiful bat in Taiwan. Their golden fur makes them associated with the goddess and blessings in the local culture. FGBH is the only place to discover them closely.

2. Dongshi Natural Ecological Exhibition Center (東石自然生態展示館)

Location: Chiayi Country, southern Taiwan

Bat species: Asiatic Lesser Yellow Bat (Scotophilus kuhlii)

Nearby Viewpoint: Aogu Wetland

Best season: May to September

Reference: Taiwan is realizing the blessing of its native bats and the need for conservation


Aogu wetland is a wide ecological treasure land of more than 300 hectares. Within the area, it includes the ecological space consists of lagoons, sandbars, fishing farms and beefwood forests. Based on the complete preservation of the natural environment, you can find many Asiatic Lesser Yellow Bat living on Chinese fan palm in the Dongshi Nature Ecological Exhibition Center.






3. Moon Cave (月洞)

Location: Hualien Country, Eastern Taiwan

Bat species: Formosan leaf-noted bat (Hipposideros armiger terasensis), Formosan hourseshoe bat (Rhinolophus formosae), Formosan tailless leaf-nosed bat (Coelops firthii formosanus), Asian long-fingered bat (Miniopterus fuliginosus)

Nearby Viewpoint: Taroko National Park

Best season: All year round. Best in winter(November to February)

Reference: Hualien County's Moon Cave reopens


Moon cave is the most famous bat site in Hualien area. You can see the bats here all year round. By taking a guided boat ride, you can enter the moon cave and take a peek of spectacular bat colony. Remember, do not disturb the bats and show respect for aboriginal culture.

4. Xuejian Recreation Area (雪見森林遊憩區)

 Location: Miaoli County, central Taiwan

Bat species: Pipistrelle, Murina, Formosan woolly  horeshoe bat (Rhinolophus formosae), Eastern barbastelle (Barbastella darjelingensis)

Nearby Viewpoint: Sheipa Nation Park

Best season: All year round


Xuejian Recreation Area have the third big bat house in Taiwan. You can see many kinds of bat and enjoy the nature view here. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight with red light to discovery beautiful bats in bat houses.

5. Bat Cave Park (蝙蝠洞公園)

Location: New Taipei City, Northern Taiwan

Bat species: Asian long-fingered bat (Miniopterus fuliginosus)

Nearby Viewpoint: Jiufen

Best season: May to September. 

Reference: Things to do near Ruifanf Station 


Every summer, there will be a group of Asian long-fingered bat coming to give birth and raise young in Rueifang, New Taipei City. Several hundred thousands Asian long-fingered bats flying out from the cave every summer evening, and that is the largest bat colony in Taiwan and also known as the biggest Asian long-fingered bat cave. Bat cave park is the best spot to watch this magnificent view, get ready with your camera and don’t miss this unforgettable scene.

6. Hiking Farm (遠足生態農場)

Location: New Taipei City, Northern Taiwan

Bat species: Formosan leaf-nosed bat (Hipposideros armiger terasensis)

Best season: May to September

Reference: Hiking Farm


Hiking Farm is a private farm that habitat hundreds of Formosan leaf-nosed. The farm owner takes bats as blessing symbols and lets them live in the house. For protecting these precious guests and preserve a healthy natural environment, the farm owner using non-toxic organic farming methods, visitors can experience the beautiful farming life and share the organic land with bats here.

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