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Bat houses

Bats often roost in caves, tunnels, trees, or crevices in buildings, but with the destruction of bat habitats by humans, pesticide application, and insecticide abuse, bats are not only homeless, but their populations are also decreasing. In order to prevent bats from being homeless and to conserve them, the curator of Formosan Golden Bat’s Home Heng-Ching Chang started making bat houses (bat boxes) in 2001, and started promoting bat house actively to general public in 2002. Mr. Chang has already designed 20 types of bat houses and have successfully used more than 14 types in the field. One of the models has a lift-up door and four chembers with 13 species of bats (Eptesicus pachyomus horikawai, Harpiola isodon, Murina puta, Murina gracilis, Murina recondita, Myotis frater, Barbastella darjelingensisPipistrellus montanus, Plecotus taivanus, Miniopterus fuliginosus, Nyctalus plancyi velutinus, Pipistrellus abramus and Scotophilus kuhlii), and the other double-layer DIY model has 8 species of bats (Eptesicus pachyomus horikawai, Murina puta, Murina recondita, Pipistrellus montanus, Nyctalus plancyi velutinus, Pipistrellus abramus, Scotophilus kuhlii and Vespertilio sinensis) living in. Batologist or environmental education promoters from more than 30 countries have come to FGBH for exchanging the experience on making bat houses. Led by the Taiwan Sustainable Union, FGBH is currently design the most types and high popularity of bat houses promotion team in Taiwan. 

The largest bat house in Taiwan. It was installed nearby the FGBH in 2019.
The second largest bat house in Taiwan. It is in the shape of a small wooden house which was installed at the FGBH at the end of 2016.
Plecotus taivanus and Pipistrellus montanus inhabit in the bat house which is make by us.
This bat house in FGBH has been inhabited by 26 Scotophilus kuhlii
The weirdest bat house in Taiwan. The artificial leaf hut is specially designed for Murina species.
Docent of FGBH is introducing 4 different types of bat houses.
Single-chambered bat house.
Multi-chambered bat house.
Different types of bat houses.
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